Consent is a legal definition that simply means that you are competent and capable to make a decision once you have received adequate (or enough) information.


CTL Africa aims to update our clients and learners regularly as to the activities at the Centre and at other locations not excluding online teleconference events such as Webinars.

For this reason, we establish a group chat using the WhatsApp facility for our individual activities.

 For us to establish this group, we will need to use your phone number(s) to add you to the group. This means that other people in the group can see your contact telephone number.

We are committed to ensure that any personal information you provide is handled fairly and confidentially and in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

We will not share your mobile number with any third party and will only be shared with the WhatsApp group.


Respect others as individuals - giving the other person our attention, responding politely and not ridiculing what other people say.

Respect others privacy and confidentiality – you must not share contact numbers of participants in the group to anyone else and remember that anything discussed in the group must be treated confidentially.

Have Fun!!! - Share exciting news, share your anxieties and worries, share your thoughts and offer support to one another.

No bullying, harassment or discrimination.

Take turns - let everyone have a turn and do join the conversation when you can.

All communication may only take place between 07h00 and 19h00.

Remember – not everyone will have the same opinion and that is perfectly OK!

Respect others culture, race and background - realizing that while we are all different, that deep inside we are essentially the same.

No Tolerance Policy – a member of CTL Africa team will be part of the group chat to both participate and monitor conversations to help and support when required. We may ask you to remove comment or chat that is not appropriate. In rare cases, we may need to remove you from the group.

No use of explicit / sexual language.

10. Make a Rule – if you wish a rule to be added here then get in touch and let us know.

11. Remember – this facility is NOT a replacement for emergency situations. WhatsApp will not be monitored 24/7 and therefore if you have an emergency please call 0550515391


By completing and submiting this form below, you agree that CTL Africa can add me their WhatsApp Group