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True Leaders Are Never Lonely At The Top

”No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”. – H.E. Luccock

Never isolate yourself or your team from the organization you work for. You or your team alone will not propel the organization to reach its goals. It is out of place to be divisive as a leader.

A leader may sometimes feel that he or his team alone can do the task allocated to them efficiently and as such do not need help from other members of the organization they work for. The truth however remains that, no individual or team can achieve an organization’s objectives without the collaborative efforts of all other individuals of an organization.
Leadership requires that you constantly remind your team members of the fact that they can not much if they remain islands. You and your team should not become secluded from the organization because it will only make work more difficult to achieve and time-consuming. The rest of the organization will begin to isolate from you too and that might even lead to greater damage.

Choose not to be a divisive leader!
Always remember that there’s a lot more strength in unity than division.