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Leading In a Workspace

“A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them.”–M. D. Arnold

Leadership in an organization takes different forms. Whereas some people may assume leadership because of their titles as CEOs, Managers or Heads of Departments, anyone within the organization can be a leader in their own space and within their respective teams. In an organization, a leader could be one influencing workers and colleagues with  strategies to meet the organization’s objectives.

A leader is one who is able to harness the abilities of his team members for the greater good of the organization in which they find themselves in. You can only know your team members when you make a conscious effort to find out what temperaments they exhibit, what comes to them easily and in what ways you will be able to lead each one of them.

 Emotional intelligence is one of the main terminologies we here of these days and I believe it’s high time leaders deploy this strategy to help them reach out to their followers.

Leaders can sometimes be bossy. Giving instructions without usually listening or including followers in decision making. To be a great leader, one needs to identify the capabilities of his followers and harness them to the benefit of the team.

Decide from today to be a leader who is interested in the total wellbeing of your followers.

What life changes do you need to make to become a great leader ?