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Leadership is Adding Value to Others

“Leadership is a process of social influence which maximizes the efforts of others towards the achievement of a goal”. Kevin Kruse

Leadership is a process. It does not just happen. Many of us get excited by events, but are not willing to take the time to go through the painful process to grow into leadership. This process involves developing social relationships to gain the permission to lead. Leadership is not of right. Once you have gained the permission, your job as a leader is to add value to your followers in order to maximize their efforts toward the attainment of a set objective. If your leadership is not improving the lives of the people you lead, then you need to answer some serious questions. The highest purpose of leadership is to add value to others.

It will require that you go out of your way sometimes to even pay for the development of the members on your team. Some leaders think it is the absolute responsibility of their followers to develop themselves, but the truth is that, if you invest in your followers, you are helping yourself to build a more resilient, efficient, and effective team. This means that it will be more beneficial to you the leader to add value to your followers regardless of the cost it may come with.  

What will you do today to add value to the people you lead?

Choose five persons in your team and identify one thing you will do from today to maximize their output.