Empowered Women’s Accelerator Programme

This is a membership-based programme aimed at empowering and supporting women in business and leadership positions to better navigate change and crisis.


How do you show up as a leader and support others, when the world around you is falling apart?

Do you have the self-awareness to understand how you best respond during crisis?

Have you been looking for guidance on how to process the vast emotions and experiences that you have been dealing with over the past few months?

If so, we have created a customized programme to support you.

The Centre for Transformational Leadership Trainers, Coaches & Speakers Sarah Jessie Appiah and Teca Cameron-Tackie, will take you on a journey of self awareness, equip you with tools to process the reality that you are facing, as well as help you to proceed, plan and position your life and/or business, for the new and emerging world that you will face post crisis.

We aim to support you to organize your emotions, mind, body and spirit to position you for peace, happiness and success.


To develop and maintain healthy perspective to navigate crisis and change.

To evaluate your current and future circumstances using proven coaching frameworks aimed at helping you to face the REALITY of what is in front of you

The Human Model of Behaviour will help you to identify and assess your personality style. You will better understand your strengths and your areas of development.

To better understand OTHERS for greater connection in Relationships and improve your communication

To use tools to develop a framework that will help you to RISE UP and ACHIEVE real LEADERSHIP outcomes whether as Stay-At-Home Moms, Executives, Entrepreneurs and/or Career Professionals, SMEs, etc.

To show up as LEADER by using the principles of INFLUENCE to achieve your aim.

To proven tools and strategies to PLAN & PRIORITIZE your work, life and business affairs so that you are well positioned to ‘handle your business’ post crisis (COVID-19)




Mentor/Coach and Trainer

Ms. Sarah Jessie Appiah is the Executive Director of SJA Associate and a John Maxwell Team Executive Director. She is a Global Executive Coach and a Value-Based Transformational Leadership Coach. She has over 30 years accumulated working experience within the United Nations System, Corporate & private and public sectors, as well as voluntary, non-governmental entities and faith- based organizations.

Teca Cameron-Tackie

Mentor/Coach and Trainer

Teca Cameron-Tackie is a dynamic leadership, business coach, speaker, trainer, consultant and facilitator. With a combined, 19 years of professional experience working in diverse roles in the public, private and entrepreneurial sectors, Teca is well equipped to offer transformation through leadership and personal growth solutions to individuals and organizations.

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Choose from any of our  special COVID-19 discount and the details of the various subscription options ranging from USD 149 at the Bronze level to USD 995 for the Platinum level. 


A great place to start
$ 149
  • Defining Reality - Gaining the Right Perspective
  • Understanding Your Personality Style
  • Relating To Others (Connection, Relationship, Communication)
  • Monthly Q&A


Great Package For Executive Members
$ 249
  • All Bronze Offering Plus
  • Understanding the Psychology of Loss.
  • The Power of Choice, Control Cycle.
  • Mastering Your Mindset
  • Monthly Mentoring Calls


Most Popular Offer For Businesses
$ 500
  • All Silver Offering Plus
  • Gaining Traction From Distraction, The Big Rocks and Buckets Process
  • Understanding The Different Hats: Your Leadership Role
  • Bi-Monthly Group Mentoring Calls


Great Offer For Excellence
$ 997
  • All Gold Offering Plus
  • The Power of the 3 Ps, Opportunities, Risks And Rewards
  • Navigating For The Future - Assessing your Industry-Impact of Crisis or Change
  • Six Sessions: One-on-One (30 minutes) Coaching Calls