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Centre for Transformational Leadership in Africa

Centre for Transformational Leadership in Africa

The Centre for Transformational Leadership in Africa (CTL Africa) is a leadership and human development company with global experience and a wide talent base of consultants and partner organizations. Our specialty is developmental consulting, training, coaching and product development in the areas of Leadership, Transformation Values-based Leadership, Culture and Change in the alignment of Strategy, People and Processes.


To become the most impactful leadership and personal development Centre in Africa.


The Mission of CTL AFRICA is to help train and develop individuals into transformational and ethical leaders, who are committed to their personal growth by unearthing their God-given potentials; who add value to people, their organizations and communities; and who are able to l lead themselves and others to influence significant change and development in their countries and in Africa

CTL AFRICA aims to bridge the gap between traditional education and real life by providing knowledge, programs, and facilities necessary for successful living, but which are not taught in traditional school systems. This includes leadership principles in all aspects of life such as self- imaging, disciplined living, identifying personal life purposes; committing to resolving problems of the world (self-leadership); business leadership (entrepreneurship), political leadership, etc


Belief – in God, Self and Others
Positive Attitude – Possibility Thinking in the face of challenges
Value Addition – Valuing and Adding Value to Self and Others
Intentionality – Intentionally Committing to Personal Growth and Making a Difference.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on John Maxwell’s saying that ‘everything rises and falls with leadership’. We believe Leadership is the single most important factor that makes the difference between nations, businesses, organizations and every facet of society. We have observed that, this most important catalyst of leadership, has been largely misunderstood at best or been completely ignored in training and development of people in leadership positions. Educational institutions hardly teach leadership. Business entities pay lip service to the development of a leadership culture and largely reserve leadership training to ‘top executives’, because of the myth that leadership is the preserve of those who occupy certain ‘top’ positions.

CTL Africa believes that everyone at any position in the organization is a leader and, if the organization is to make a difference, all its members must fully understand and practice leadership. Indeed, winning organizations have a ‘leadership culture’.

Drawing from world-class leadership material and best practice, CTL Africa’s aim is to bring the leadership culture into all aspects of the African society.

Our experience

As an organisation, CTL Africa is a young one and is just beginning to make its contribution to our country and continent. Our Coaches and Trainers have held high management and leadership positions working with a wide range of organizations in the private and public sectors, the United Nations, Government, non-Governmental, International and faith-based organisations in sectors such as Banking and Finance, International Trade, Higher Education, etc. We have done country-wide transformational values-based leadership training in Guatemala, Paraguay, Costa Rica, etc. We have delivered corporate training and provided consulting for leadership development, conflict management, organizational development and change management. Together, the two leading CTL Africa facilitators have over 55 years of professional experience, with multiple clients across industries. We have worked in several countries with a talented global team of professionals, consultants and partners.

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